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Wiring Your House for Technology:

Entire Article "Wire It Yourself " (newsstand print 6/27/06 Vol.25 No.11)


Link to the complete technical installation article by Eric S. Fellen: 


Wire It Yourself (Overview and Step By Step Tutorial),1895,1970550,00.asp



Setting Up VoIP Phones:

Entire Article "Ditch Your Phone Company" (newsstand print 3/7/06 Vol.25 No.4)


Links to the contributing technical installation by Eric S. Fellen: 


Getting Connected,1895,1926605,00.asp


The Techie Way,1206,l=171501&s=1591&a=171498,00.asp


The Easy Way,1206,l=171501&s=1591&a=171500,00.asp


Remote Control Software review:

Entire Article "Remote Control" (newsstand print 7/1/02 Vol.21 No.13)


Links to the contributing reviews by Eric S. Fellen: 


Remotely Anywhere,4149,181454,00.asp


Carbon Copy,4149,181449,00.asp


TridiaVNC 1.5,4149,181455,00.asp


Windows XP Remote Desktop / Remote Assistance,4149,181456,00.asp




Disaster Recovery Backup article:

Entire Article "Be Prepared" (newsstand print 1/15/02 Vol.21 No.1)


Link to the contributing article by Eric S. Fellen:


Backup Technologies,2997,s%253D1579%2526a%253D19871,00.asp



Network 10/100 Switches review:

Entire Article "Which Switch?" (newsstand print 11/27/01 Vol.20 No.20)

Links to the contributing reviews by Eric S. Fellen: 

HP Procurve 4108,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D17639,00.asp


Intel Express 530/535,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D17641,00.asp


HP Procurve 2524,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D17654,00.asp


Intel Express 420T,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D17656,00.asp



Network Toolbox review of software and utilities:

Entire article "The Essential Network Toolkit" (newsstand print 10/30/01 Vol.20 No.18)  

Links to the contributing reviews by Eric S. Fellen:

Symantec Ghost,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D15824,00.asp
Watchguard Serverlock,2997,s%253D1610%2526a%253D15825,00.asp









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